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@eatmoveinspire We all have insecurities. Some we create ourselves, and some we are given. We’re not too sure what the world will think of our body image, our education, our social status, or even our voice. It’s important to understand that these insecurities are only a thought that has either been created by somebody else, or ourselves. Our lives are full of choices. Choices that only we, ourselves, make.
An insecurity is a choice. We can choose to either take them onboard, or simply ignore them. At some point in our lives, we have been influenced by society, and made the CHOICE that we aren’t attractive, aren’t good enough, or incapable of achieving something great. It’s a very sad reality that we live in. But, the beautiful thing is, we don’t need to conform to it. Oh! You didn’t know? Yes… YOU have the power to decide what YOU think about yourself. A crazy thought huh?! Starting this week, I want you to work on an insecurity of yours. EVERYTIME you are confronted with this insecurity, I want you to change your pattern of thought, from negative, to positive.
If you notice these negative thoughts creep into your mind, think the complete opposite! Positivity will help you through. Positivity will send you to success. Positivity will make magic happen!
It just takes a CHOICE. It’s up to you…


Julian Wilson

Ph: Trevor Moran

"Love is needing someone. Love is putting up with someone’s bad qualities because they somehow complete you."

Sarah Dessen, This Lullaby (via kushandwizdom)





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